The Gran Hotel Inglés

The oldest hotel in Madrid first opened its doors in 1886

The Gran Hotel Inglés is the oldest luxury hotel in the Spanish capital, Madrid. Innovative even back then with its own restaurant in one of the first streets to be equipped with electricity. A unique hotel in central Madrid that combines urban sophistication with the glamour of bygone days. 48 rooms designed for relaxation and taking you on an inspiring journey through time.

Reopening after extensive renovation

If, in the 19th century, La Época praised the facilities of a hotel that was unparalleled in Madrid, with “a lift, bathrooms on every floor, electric lighting, steam heating and everything that guests could want to feel comfortable in one place”, the Gran Hotel Inglés will offer the latest comforts and amenities in the 21st century, while still displaying the sober, classic elegance that characterised it in the past.

Like Don Agustín in the 1880s, the new owners crossed the pond in search of an ally who would understand and manage to restore the old grandeur of the original rooms, dining rooms and guest rooms in a contemporary style. In the USA. they met David Rockwell and his team, who accepted the challenge of bringing the Gran Hotel Inglés back to life. The experienced, award-winning team of architects and interior designers were extremely enthusiastic about the restoration of the hotel.

In 2018, 132 years after the first opening, the new Gran Hotel Inglés reopened its doors to guests and is one of the best addresses in the city – no, even one of the “Leading Hotels of the World”.

Design elements by NOËL & MARQUET with historical patterns and models

While there were originally 72 rooms, the hotel now offers 48 high-quality rooms and suites, with the profiles by NOËL & MARQUET bringing the charm and elegance of the Great Gatsby back to life.

With the WL6 WALLSTYL® chair rail, a modern design was used in the rooms to create a graphic connection between the wall and ceiling. The large Z40 and Z41 ARTSTYL® ceiling mouldings accentuate the lobby’s generous proportions. With various mouldings from the WALLSTYL® range used in the halls, corridors, restaurant and bar, supplemented by various rosettes. The high FD15 (15cm) and FD20 (20cm) skirting boards, both waterproof and shockproof like all skirting boards from NOËL & MARQUET, are a perfect addition.

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Wall mouldings used (lobby, restaurant, halls and meeting rooms)

Skirting boards used (rooms, halls, corridors, restaurant, lobby)