Showroom Binckom Office Solutions

Working effectively with style

What the Binckom company understands by unique solutions for offices and work areas is demonstrated impressively at the new showroom in Eupen (BE). With its technical expertise, Binckom Office Solutions creates individual solutions and stylish workplaces.

What makes a good workplace? In addition to practical and well-equipped work areas, the durability of the materials used also plays a major role. Ergonomics and well-being are definitely at the top of the checklist for a modern, attractive workplace.

Angeline Hayois, interior designer at Binckom Office Solutions, opted for NOËL & MARQUET design elements for the in-house showroom to stylishly underline the ambience of a modern workspace.

Suitable elements for feeling good in the workspace

As a “neighbourhood” manufacturer, the NOËL & MARQUET products fit in well with Binckom’s philosophy of relying on regional suppliers whenever possible. Design elements from NOËL & MARQUET are produced in nearby Eynatten.

The RAY Wall Tiles from the ARSTYL® collection are definite eye catchers. The diamond shape of the individual RAY elements allows a variety of geometrical arrangements. In this way, different effects can be achieved – with one and the same product. They can be used individually, horizontally, vertically or as a building block, making them appear very different. The decorative wall elements can be used to design small areas or even an entire wall. They are particularly suitable for setting selective highlights in the room.

The intentionally strong joint pattern always offers a new look, and can be used to influence each design in a very different way. As they can be painted over, the RAY Wall Tiles can be combined wonderfully with any interior decoration style, enabling individual, creative and varied wall design.

Take a closer look at RAY ARSTYL®

Light effect and matching skirting board

An IL5 wall strip for indirect light serves as a finishing element at the middle wall height. This strip was awarded the 2020 Red Dot Design Award together with 4 other strips of the same design language and is ideal for lighting accents on the ceiling and wall.

The FD2 WALLSTYL® skirting board was selected as the finishing element. Like all other skirting boards, the FD2 can be painted any colour you want, making it perfectly adapted to the overall concept. For large projects, the skirting board can be painted ex works in almost any RAL or NCS colour (from 500 running meters). The high material density makes the strip shockproof and even waterproof. So a perfect combination for every floor covering.

The clever combination and the uniform colour image result in a round and stylish room design.

Learn more about the Red Dot Design Award

Inspiration and trends for (dream) workspaces

For private working areas or efficient furnishing ideas for company offices: Binckom advises private customers as well as entrepreneurs on suitable furnishings and integrates area-relevant elements with a timeless design. Stylish workplaces are created in close cooperation with the in-house interior designer and our design elements to make you feel good.