Enhance the completeness of an interior with the cubic FD7 WALLSTYL® skirting. A strong, geometric design highlights the clean lines found in modern decors. Combine decorative with functionality by using the FD7 to protect the wall from impact and damage. 

The FD7, FD11, FD15 and FD20 are a range of products with a uniform appearance, all in different sizes for the whole living space.

The FD7 WALLSTYL® is also suitable as door framing or panel moulding.

Product information

  • Length (L) 2 m
  • Height (H) 70 mm
  • Width (W) 18 mm
  • Packaging unit 34 m/box
  • SAP 3010220
  • EAN 5412938969123
  • Product style Timeless
  • Product type Skirtings
  • High Density Polystyrene
  • Primed, ready for painting

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