Incorporate the stylish FD21 WALLSTYL® into an interior to add a touch of art deco design. As well as its decorative purposes, the FD21 provides protection to the wall from impact, damage and scuffing. A smooth profile creates a harmonious transition between wall and floor, regardless of flooring material. 

This product can be combined with the cornices AD21-24 ARSTYL® for a perfect finish.

Product information

  • Length (L) 2 m
  • Height (H) 130 mm
  • Width (W) 20 mm
  • Packaging unit 24 m/box
  • SAP 3000440
  • EAN 5412938532129
  • Product style Modern
  • Product type Skirtings
  • High Density Polystyrene
  • Primed, ready for painting

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