Our story

Yesterday – today – tomorrow 

When my grandfather Gert founded Noël Marquet & Cie SA together with his business partner Raymond Marquet in the small Belgian village Hauset back in 1950, he could not possibly have foreseen that in 70 years’ time this company would go from selling household products to a corporate group active in over 100 countries in the field of synthetic foams, its core endeavour being to find solutions that improve people’s lives. Through the development of innovative technologies, decorative products were initially handcrafted to unprecedented perfection and variety affordable for everyone.

We then took the next step with a new brand name, NOËL & MARQUET, synonymous with our decades of expertise in premium design, and guarantee seal for quality, service and advice at the highest level. The clearly structured portfolio is a reflection of our experience in innovation, design, inspiration, development and quality. Discover the world of NOËL & MARQUET in this catalogue: Design elements and endless possibilities for a personal and creative living space. I hope you will have a lot of fun planning, creating and enjoying the experience.