Welcoming the FL14 WALLSTYL® skirting to the cottage style family

The brand new FL14 skirting makes its way into the NOËL & MARQUET product range. The FL14 is the latest addition to the cottage style family; a collection made up of products boasting one of our brand’s most successful designs.

FL is for family

Indeed, the FL14 presents identical characteristics in terms of design to its siblings; the FL1, FL2, FL17 WALLSTYL® skirtings and the CF3 WALLSTYL® cover skirting. The FL14 differentiates in height and comes in at 140mm, filling a 50mm gap that previously existed between the FL2 and FL17.

The family gets its name from its unique design, that is typical and reminiscent of the charm and spirit of traditional British cottages. Even though this design works well in classic interiors, it is perfectly suited to more modern styles too.

Product characteristics

Like all WALLSTYL® products, the FL14 skirting is water resistant, meaning that it is suitable for damp environments such as kitchens or even bathrooms. The lightweight and easy-to-install profile is also provided with a coat of primer so it can immediately be painted in the colour of your choosing. The 100% recyclable high-density polystyrene the skirting is made from also ensures high resistance to impact thus guaranteeing the product’s durability and long lifetime.

Environmentally friendly deco elements

The FL14, just like all other NOËL & MARQUET skirtings, carries the “Blauer Engel”; Germany’s best-known ecolabel, attesting to its environmentally friendly properties. The skirtings are low-emission, contain hardly any pollutants and are safe to install in living quarters. Furthermore, the skirtings are manufactured in Belgium using 100% green energy and closed water circuits.