Made in Belgium

Even today, more than 70 years after the company was founded, we produce NOËL & MARQUET Design Elements at the Eynatten site in Belgium.

Two manufacturing processes – two results: quality and style


For more elaborate, 3-dimensional forms with love for detail, we use aluminium moulds in which high-density polyurethane foam (ARSTYL®) is injected, resulting in precisely manufactured design elements particularly rich in detail or austerely modern. We use this process also to produce our special FLEX mouldings as well as design elements (DOMOSTYL®) which are suitable for outdoor use.


In the extrusion process, polystyrene is moulded in medium and high density to light (NOMASTYL®) or shock-resistant (WALLSTYL®) design elements. All design elements manufactured by means of extrusion are moreover waterproof and can therefore be used in damp areas without hesitation. Gluing surfaces and a primer facilitate the subsequent processing. Whatever design elements you opt for, engineers, designers and staff are constantly working in development and production to meet the quality requirements of NOËL & MARQUET. Over 70 years of experience and a distinctly innovative spirit make the appeal, authenticity and quality of NOËL & MARQUET products simply unique.