Glue Consumption Calculator

ProductsQuantityGlue / FillerCoving edges and jointsGlue for façade decoration profiles
Adefix®Adefix® PlusAdefix® BlackAdefix®Adefix® PlusDomostyl® Hybrid
     Total Adefix®0 Cartridge(s)
     Total Adefix® Plus0 Cartridge(s)
     Total Adefix® Black0 Cartridge(s)
     Total Domostyl® Hybrid0 Cartridge(s)

Important remark: The glue consumption depends on the size of the profile and the characteristics of the surface. The exact quantity and type of glue must be determined by a test on the substrate and profile. Always observe instruction manual and data sheet.


  • For the preparation of joints (3mm) for larger WALLSTYL® and ARSTYL® products from 8 cm height/projection
  • For the gluing WALLSTYL® and ARSTYL® profiles on non-absorbent surfaces, flexible profiles, skir-tings in damp room, mounting on one-side (indirect lighting and curtain profiles) cover skirtings and Wall Panels/Wall Tiles.

Wall Panels/Tiles : Butt joint areas must be not glued or grouted. Filling, only to ceiling or wall. LIQUID, STRIPE, WAVE with tile crosses (min. joint width 1-2 mm).

ADEFIX® PLUS cannot be grounded sanded nor painted and must be finished with ADEFIX®.