Why wall panels, wall tiles & ceiling roses?

Create a highlight with wall panels, wall tiles and ceiling roses from NOËL & MARQUET. The designs of renowned designers offer many individual creative possibilities that will enhance every interior. Whether over the entire area or isolated, these design elements create strong highlights on walls and ceilings.

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  • Wall Panels
  • Wall Tiles
  • Ceiling roses
  • Our wall panel have a clean design and confer a beautiful three-dimensional structure on walls or ceilings. You can install the 3D panels horizontally or vertically on walls or ceilings to create extraordinary interiors thanks to the geometrically shaped design.

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  • Thanks to their unique design, our wall tiles can be assembled in many different ways. It is therefore possible to create a variety of 3D effects for a unique decor. Furthermore, multiple wall tiles can be made in different colours. Give your creativity free rein!

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  • Incorporating ceiling rose into an interior brings an artistic touch. They are versatile and blend seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional styles. Ceiling roses can be used independently or combined with other objects such as chandeliers and lighting fixtures.

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Our new decorative wall element "PUZZLE"


Room designer

What effect do cornices, chair rails and skirtings have in a room? The Room Designer shows a wide range of design options in 3D and helps with the selection of the following design elements: Cornices, Chair rails, Skirtings, Ceiling roses, Creative patterns

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  • Cornices

    Create a completely new spatial effect with our cornices. They create an elegant and aesthetic transition between walls and ceilings. The spatial effect can vary depending on the cornice and the mounting. Cornices – many of which are for that matter suitable for the integration of direct or indirect lighting – can moreover be used to conceal unsightly transitions, cracks and smaller cables.

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  • Panel mouldings

    The versatile panel mouldings from NOËL & MARQUET decorate, shape and embellish your walls by framing, outlining and dividing into fields. They are light and easy to install. Thanks to a primer, they can be painted over immediately and provide excellent protection against shocks thanks to their high material density.

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  • Skirtings

    The basis for individual interiors: NOËL & MARQUET skirtings are suitable for all interiors and constitute indispensable design elements! Particularly shock and water proof as well as resistant to moisture, they are just perfect for the bathroom. They are paintable and thus the ideal combination for every floor covering.

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